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#ActOnClimateVT – “It’s what Vermonters want”

Call the Governor at (802) 828-3333 or email him at and tell him that we need bold climate action here in Vermont. 

Polling released in December 2019 showed strong support for a wide range of actions to cut Vermont’s climate pollution – and a dramatically increased level of concern among Vermonters about global warming. 

The climate crisis is here now, and it is affecting Vermonters’ quality of life and pocketbooks. Here, find brief summaries of our 2020 policy for this legislative session – but that will need your help and support to pass.


A Vermont “Global Warming Solutions Act”

State leaders from every political party have said they support Vermont meeting the 2025 climate pollution reduction targets established in the Paris Climate Accord, and hitting Vermont’s 2050 climate pollution targets.

Vermont must move beyond rhetorical support for action on climate and make our long-standing climate action goals requirements – as many other Northeastern states have done. A Vermont “Global Warming Solutions Act” would:


Institute a 100% Renewable Electricity Standard

Building off of Vermont’s current Renewable Energy Standard, which sets a 75% by 2032 renewable electricity requirement, the state should move faster and in concert with other states implementing necessarily ambitious targets, and establish a 100% renewable requirement by 2030. There is a conversation underway to pursue this more ambitious policy, and move the deadline up. Specifically, there is exploration of:


Energy Efficiency Utility Modernization

Vermont has several programs, including Efficiency Vermont, that help Vermont families and businesses cut their electricity use and keep rates down for all ratepayers. Recently, there’s been discussion about having these efficiency programs expand their work to focus more on helping Vermonters cut climate pollution by investing in things like weatherization and efficient electric heating and transportation options. This is a huge opportunity – if we get it right and seize it. Vermont should:


Participate in a Strong, Equitable “Transportation & Climate Initiative”

In order to reduce pollution from transportation, about a dozen northeast states are designing a regional program to cap climate pollution from the transportation sector, and charge fossil fuel companies a fee to pollute. The revenues would be returned to each state and Vermont would invest them in clean transportation options like public transit, incentives for electric vehicles, and increased funding for bike paths and sidewalks.  

We need bold climate action here in VT. We don’t have time to wait. Call the Governor at (802) 828-3333 or email him at and tell him that we need bold climate action in 2020.