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Ask Congressman Peter Welch to vote YES on the Great American Outdoors Act

Senator Leahy, Senator Sanders, and Congressman Welch have expressed strong support for the Great American Outdoors Act. This bill will help grow our outdoor economy and protect the places we love. Update: The Great American Outdoors Act passed in the US Senate on Wednesday, June 17. Next it goes to the House of Representatives.

Send a message below to Congressman Welch. Ask him to vote YES on this legislation when it reaches the House. 

As Congress considers how best to address the economic crisis that has come alongside the current public health emergency, investment in our parks, public lands and outdoor recreation infrastructure is critical to the recovery. Like other sectors tied to travel and tourism, outdoor businesses are suffering an unprecedented shock, facing dramatically decreased sales and revenue, difficulties with production and distribution and large numbers of furloughs and layoffs.

At the same time, never before have the American people valued their parks, trails, forests and waters more, turning to them for emotional solace and physical activity in this time of isolation and anxiety. The pandemic has shown clearly that many communities are woefully underserved. Now more than ever, we need to make sure that every American has close-to-home access to outdoor recreation, that access is expanded to ensure safety without overcrowding, and that these places are protected and maintained so they can continue to provide these benefits for decades and generations to come.

With travel and tourism particularly hard-hit in this current crisis, we must provide as much support as possible for a strong reopening and long-term recovery. But even before the economic slowdown caused by coronavirus, these resources were facing unprecedented pressures and threats:

By addressing these two related challenges, the Great American Outdoors Act will secure the future of our public lands legacy, protect visitor safety and recreation access, and sustain thriving local communities.

Send a quick note of thanks below to Congressman Welch to thank him for his support, and to encourage him to champion this bill as it works its way through Congress!