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Sign Petition: Call on your Reps to Pass Bill to Protect Vermonters from Toxic PFAS Chemicals

Legislation pending before the Vermont House (S.295) aims to keep Vermonters safe from toxic PFAS contamination by starting to turn off the tap of bringing more PFAS chemicals into the state by restricting their use in certain products.

Toxic PFAS contamination of Vermonters’ drinking water has continued to devastate communities, while highlighting systemic problems with how we regulate chemicals. This class of chemicals, PFAS (per- and polyfluorinated alkyl substances), have been dubbed “forever chemicals” because they persist in the environment indefinitely. They are correlated with numerous harmful impacts on human health — including high blood pressure, thyroid disease, and kidney and testicular cancers. PFAS is also known to suppress the immune system – making people more susceptible to COVID-19.

While PFAS contamination is a global problem, and the chemicals are found in the blood of virtually every American, it is also a local problem that we can start to address with local solutions. 

S.295 is an important public health bill that the Legislature should pass this year. It aims to keep Vermonters safe from PFAS contamination by restricting the use of harmful chemicals in certain products, including:


There are safer alternatives for all of these products readily available in the marketplace, and legislation banning PFAS from similar products has been enacted in a number of other states in recent weeks and months.

This PFAS bill passed unanimously out of the Vermont Senate.

The House now needs to take up and pass this bill. Critically, S.295 is an “upstream” solution to the PFAS contamination problem, by stopping the problem at its source instead of waiting to clean up the mess once it’s already in products in our homes and in our environment.

Sign the petition today and let your Representative/s know we must pass S.295 and turn off the tap of toxic PFAS chemicals coming into Vermont and harming our people and environment.