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Speak up for a Vermont Climate Action Plan that Cuts Emissions, is Equitable, and is Fully Funded

The Vermont Climate Council is hard at work drafting their initial Climate Action Plan to get us on track to meet our climate pollution reduction goals. The plan is due December 1st. Their public engagement team is currently seeking public input from Vermonters.

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In 2020, Vermont passed the Global Warming Solutions Act to turn our state’s voluntary climate goals into mandatory targets. We championed that legislation, which requires Vermont to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, develop a plan for how to achieve emission reduction targets, and ensure Vermont is prepared for more extreme weather due to climate change.

The Climate Action Plan must include the following priorities to drive down climate pollution and meet our Global Warming Solutions Act targets; improve our communities’ resilience; and ensure equity is front and center in how we prioritize and shape policies and investment strategies.

While there are many more small and large steps Vermont must take to tackle the climate crisis, and should be included in the plan, we believe there are five fundamental priorities that must be included in the 2021 Climate Action Plan.

Click here to learn more about VCV’s priorities for the Climate Action Plan  

Click here to read Vermont Climate Coalition’s priorities for the Climate Action Plan 

Your input is critical to help shape how Vermont responds to the climate crisis. We encourage you to attend at least one of the Vermont Climate Council public engagement events to make your voice heard.

These public engagement events are our best chance to ensure the Council is supporting the right investments in the right places to ensure this Climate Action Plan works for everyone.

If you are not able to make one of the events, make your voice heard by leaving a comment here.