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Tell America’s top retailers: We need you to step up on toxic chemicals!

Are your favorite stores taking action to get toxic chemicals off their shelves? A new report card ranks 30 top retailers on toxics.

The good news? Seven retailers got a B or higher! Companies like Walmart, Target, Apple, Ikea and Whole Foods are taking the lead.

The bad news? The average grade was a D+. It’s clear that there’s still a lot of work to do!

Now more than ever, we need companies to step up and tackle toxic chemicals. Cancer cases and infertility rates are soaring—and scientists agree that exposure to toxic chemicals is contributing to these alarming trends. We’re calling on the stores where we shop to take the lead on making sure the products they sell us are safe.

Will you send a message now asking 30 top retailers to take action on toxic chemicals in products and packaging?

Contact America's Top Retailers


To Whom It May Concern:

I’m increasingly concerned about whether the products and packaging I buy contain toxic chemicals linked to cancer, infertility and other health problems. I expect retailers to enact common-sense policies to safeguard us from these chemicals.

Thank you for any steps you have taken so far to address dangerous chemicals. I saw that there’s a new report ranking retailers called Who’s Minding the Store? that includes recommendations on how your company can improve. Will you adopt these recommendations to protect our health?  

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