As the legislative session for 2023/2024 comes to a final close, we are celebrating big wins for environmental and climate policies. Yesterday, the Legislature voted to override the Governor’s vetoes of landmark legislation to modernize Act 250, update the Renewable Energy Standard, and ban toxic neonicotinoid pesticides.

These actions capped off a historic year for the environment, with earlier enactment of laws to better manage our rivers, wetlands, and dams to reduce flood risk; create a first-in-the-nation Climate Superfund to hold fossil fuel companies accountable; and ban toxic PFAS chemicals from a range of products. Read more on all of these policies in our 2024 Legislative Bulletin.

We are grateful to legislative leaders who prioritized and advanced these important initiatives. And we want to thank you all for stepping up throughout the year to make your voices heard in support of these important policies. It’s amazing what we can accomplish together!

With the legislative session in the rearview mirror, our work shifts to the important 2024 elections, ensuring we keep this positive momentum, electing the next wave of climate champions to the legislature, and keeping those who voted for the environment in office.

In the meantime, please thank your legislators for their actions during this session on our numerous priority bills. You can see all the votes on our website’s scorecard.