It’s been a big week for climate action! Both the House and Senate floors were busy with votes on climate and energy bills. As we draw close to the end of the session, many of our priority bills will soon be on their way to the Governor.

On Thursday, the House voted to advance the Flood Safety Act (S.213) with a very strong 111-26 vote. This bill reduces flood risk and improves climate resilience, and will now head back to the Senate for a final vote.  The House also gave final approval to the bill to ban the use of neonicotinoid pesticides (H.706), and it’s now headed to the Governor.

Later today, the House will on the Climate Superfund bill (S.259), and the Senate is expected to vote on the Renewable Energy Standard bill (H.289), with final approval of both bills expected next week.

Today’s Episode

On this week’s Climate Dispatch, we speak to Representative Mike Rice (D-Dorset) about the work of the Climate Solutions Caucus and its focus on climate resilience this year.

Call to Action

Bills are on track to pass the legislature and will then be sent to the Governor’s desk.  Now is the time to call the Governor and let him know that we need climate action now: he needs to sign priority climate bills including modernizing the Renewable Energy Standard (H289), the Flood Safety Act (S213), and the Climate Change Superfund bill (S259). You can email the Governor or call his office at 802-828-3333.