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Stay tuned for regular updates from Vermont Conservation Voters throughout the 2022 election season. We’ll update you on endorsements, events, opportunities to learn more about candidates, how you can stay engaged, and more!

October 5, 2022

This week, we welcomed Justin Marsh, VCV’s new Political Outreach Director!

Check out the video below to learn more about Justin, who joins our team with a decade’s worth of experience in conservation efforts, campaigning, and communications. We are very excited to have Justin join our team as we continue to promote climate candidates and get more Vermonters out to vote. Read their complete bio here.

As always, don’t forget to vote on or before November 8th! VCV’s current slate of endorsed candidates have been announced, so please check them out. You have an important role in electing (or re-electing!) climate champions. For more information on ballots and voting, visit

Thanks, as always, for being a voter!

September 30, 2022

It’s voting season!

This week, registered Vermont voters in every part of the state are beginning to receive ballots in the mail. All of us at Vermont Conservation Voters encourage you to vote, and vote early. 

If you are registered to vote but do not receive your ballot by October 10th please contact your Town or City Clerk

There are a variety of ways you can vote this year:

If you’re not yet registered, now is a great time to register to vote to ensure that you have a say when it comes to Vermont’s future. You can register to vote anytime—the sooner the better, but you can even register at your polling place on election day. 

Here at VCV, we work hard to research candidates’ environmental voting records and positions on important issues. We encourage you to click here to check out our current slate of pro-environment candidates.

Thanks for being a voter and making your voice heard!

September 20, 2022

It’s September, and that means ballots will be arriving in mailboxes before we know it – so we are busy rolling out our endorsements for the 2022 General Elections! 

We’re excited to share our current list of outstanding pro-environment candidates. You can find our current endorsements on our website here – we’ll be keeping it updated as we finalize endorsements in the coming weeks.

Announcing our Endorsement of Mike Pieciak for Vermont’s Next Treasurer

Mike Pieciak grew up in Vermont, and most recently served as the Commissioner of the state’s Department of Financial Regulation, where he recouped millions of dollars for taxpayers and worked to protect consumers from financial harm. He was also a key leader in the state’s efforts to address the pandemic using a data-informed approach.

Pieciak believes climate change is a fundamental threat to our way of life and economy. He knows that many iconic Vermont industries, such as maple sugaring, tourism, skiing, and agriculture, are at risk. He supports recent federal efforts to require all publicly traded companies to disclose their carbon impact, and he supports transitioning Vermont’s assets away from fossil fuels and into more environmentally and economically sustainable investments. He knows that if done strategically, these steps will ensure strong long-term returns on Vermont’s pension assets while benefiting our climate. 

Read our full press release here.

So far, VCV has endorsed the following STATEWIDE candidates:

Click here to see the current slate of Vermont Senate and House candidates we’ve endorsed!

We’ll continue to update you on our endorsements, so stay tuned and keep checking our website and social media for updates.

August 11, 2022

On Tuesday, Vermont voters elected a strong slate of candidates in the primary elections who will fight for a clean and healthy environment for all. VCV congratulates all the winners of Tuesday’s primary elections. We are grateful for everyone who stepped up to run for office – and for all of you for getting out to vote. It matters! Vermonters had many great candidates to choose from, and the candidates Vermont Conservation Voters endorsed overwhelmingly won their races.  

Brenda Siegel (Governor)
David Zuckerman (Lieutenant Governor)
Charity Clark (Attorney General)
Sarah Copeland Hanzas (Secretary of State)

Phil Baruth (Chittenden Central 1)
Tanya Vyhovsky (Chittenden Central 1)
Erhard Mahnke (Chittenden Central 1)—still too close to call
Ginny Lyons (Chittenden Southeast 1)
Kesha Ram Hinsdale (Chittenden Southeast 1)
Andrew Perchlik (Washington 1)
Anne Watson (Washington 1)
Nader Hashim (Windham 1)

Peter Conlon (Addison 2)
Jill Krowinski (Chittenden 16)
Conor Casey (Washington 4)
Marc Mihaly (Washington 6)
John Bartholomew (Windsor 1)
Coach Christie (Windsor 6)
Jim Masland (Windsor Orange 2)
Now we’ll be turning our attention to the general elections in November. VCV will be working hard to keep up the momentum so we elect a strong slate of environmental champions. We will also be rolling out general election endorsements in the coming weeks, so stay tuned… Thanks for making your voice heard at the polls, and for so many of you who were out knocking on doors, making phone calls, putting out yard signs, and so much more! Thank you for your continued support, and for getting out the vote!

August 5, 2022

Tuesday, Aug. 9 is just days away—that means the Primary Elections are almost here

Don’t forget to make your plan to vote, if you haven’t already voted. Note: it’s too late to mail in your ballot, but don’t worry, you can drop them in a ballot box, or go to your local polling place on Tuesday! Find out more about when and where you can vote, check your voter registration, and track your ballot on the Secretary of State’s My Voter Page, and WATCH THIS VIDEO for more information on how to vote!

More VCV Endorsements!
Vermont Conservation Voters is happy to announce our endorsement of several additional candidates for the Vermont Senate:

Erhard Mahnke for Chittenden Central 1
Andrew Perchlik for Washington 1
Anne Watson for Washington 1
Jared Duval for Washington 1

Our full list of candidates VCV has endorsed to date are: 

Brenda Siegel (Governor) see press release
David Zuckerman (Lieutenant Governor) see press releaseWatch video
Charity Clark (Attorney General) see press releaseWatch video
Sarah Copeland Hanzas (Secretary of State) see press releaseWatch video

Phil Baruth (Chittenden Central 1)
Tanya Vyhovsky  (Chittenden Central 1)
Erhard Mahnke (Chittenden Central 1)
Ginny Lyons (Chittenden Southeast 1)
Kesha Ram Hinsdale (Chittenden Southeast 1)
Andrew Perchlik (Washington 1)
Anne Watson (Washington 1)
Jared Duval (Washington 1)
Nader Hashim (Windham 1)

Peter Conlon (Addison 2)
Mike Yantachka (Chittenden 5)
Jill Krowinski (Chittenden 16)
Ryan Addario (Chittenden 16)
Conor Casey (Washington 4)
Marc Mihaly (Washington 6)
John Bartholomew (Windsor 1)
Coach Christie (Windsor 6)
Jim Masland (Windsor Orange 2)

These endorsements are all for candidates in contested primary races. We will be rolling out many more endorsements in the coming weeks for the general elections, so check back on VCV’s endorsement website.

WATCH and hear from several of the candidates VCV endorsed for Statewide positions, to learn more about the important roles these offices play, and what they mean for you and Vermont’s environment.

July 29, 2022

We’ve been busy this past week rolling out more endorsement updates and attending campaign events. Plus, we’re excited to share some much-needed hope when it comes to climate action! Read on for more.

Breaking News … and More Election Updates!
In a major and surprising development, key U.S. Senators have struck a deal to make the biggest-ever investments in climate action. The reconciliation package includes a suite of clean energy rebate programs and tax credits for families and businesses that will help build a new, cleaner economy. Although the package is far from perfect, if enacted it would be a hopeful step in addressing the climate crisis. Read more about it here.

Vermont Conservation Voters has been busy this past week rolling out more endorsement information and attending campaign events.  The Primary Election is less than two weeks away! Remember that you can vote early at your Town Clerk’s office, or vote at your polling place on Tuesday, August 9th – or be sure to return your ballot soon if you already requested a mail-in ballot! 

Find out more about when and where you can vote, check your voter registration, and track your ballot on the Secretary of State’s My Voter Page.

VCV Joins Campaign Event for David Zuckerman

Last Sunday, VCV joined David Zuckerman’s Pig & Veggie Roast campaign event at the Isham Family Farm in Williston. It was a great day to enjoy live music, ice cream, and share a few words about the importance of climate action and why VCV endorsed David for Lieutenant Governor. See photos below:

WATCH NOW! David Zuckerman discusses the role of Lieutenant Governor in Vermont, and how he’ll prioritize climate action, a resilient food system, and renewable energy production if elected.

July 22, 2022

Summer continues to mean endorsements, endorsements, endorsements as we head towards the August 9th Primary Elections. Voting is already underway but remember, cast your vote by August 9! Here’s an update from the past week. 

VCV Endorses Sarah Copeland Hanzas for Secretary of State 
This week, we announced our endorsement of Sarah Copeland Hanzas for Vermont’s next Secretary of State. Sarah Copeland Hanzas has a long and impressive record of public service. She has served as House Majority Leader, Chair of the Government Operations committee, member of the Executive Committee of the National Conference of State Legislatures, and as co-chair of the legislative Climate Solutions Caucus since 2019. She helped spearhead an effort by the Climate Solutions Caucus to travel around the state to hear from more than a thousand Vermonters, and brought those ideas back to Montpelier to help pass critical climate policies. Copeland Hanzas has been an effective advocate for environmental and social justice. We believe Sarah Copeland Hanzas will be a strong fighter for a healthy democracy in these perilous times. Read our full press release here.

WATCH this VIDEO and hear from Sarah, in her own words!
WATCH: A Word from Charity Clark on the Role of Attorney General
Watch this short video of VCV-endorsed Charity Clark on the role of Vermont’s Attorney General, and her commitment to environmental action. Hearing from these outstanding candidates really makes all the difference!

Welcome Erika Faulkner, VCV’s Organizing Fellow!

Originally from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Erika spent her youth exploring the PA river hills, and helping out around her dad’s candle shop. She graduated in 2020 from Dickinson College with a double major in environmental studies and political science. Erika moved to Vermont last year to serve as an AmeriCorps VISTA with Vermont Energy Education Program. While at VEEP she supported youth climate action projects, mentored Youth Lobby members, and supported general capacity building 
initiatives within VEEP. Erika is passionate about environmental justice and adaptive climate policy, and is looking forward to supporting VCV’s important work in the coming months. As Organizing Fellow, Erika will be connecting with Vermont Voters to discuss important environmental and democratic issues facing our state, and help elect pro-environmental champions that will advocate for better protections for our environment and communities. We are thrilled to have Erika join the VCV team! 

July 15, 2022

VCV Endorses Brenda Siegel for Governor and Charity Clark for Attorney General
We’re proud to announce our endorsement of Brenda Siegel for Governor of Vermont. Brenda Siegel has made meaningful change in Vermont through her work in the housing sector, in response to the opioid epidemic, and through advocacy for lasting economic justice. Through her service on the state of Vermont’s Public Transit Advisory Council, Siegel has demonstrated her commitment to bold climate action that works for every Vermonter. Check out our full press release here. We’re also proud to share our endorsement of Charity Clark for Attorney General of Vermont. Clark has worked for nearly ten years in the Attorney General’s office, playing a valuable role in helping shape and support important environmental policies — including the Global Warming Solutions Act and a ban on toxic PFAS chemicals from consumer products. She has been willing to take on the fossil fuel industry, chemical industry, and other entities that have harmed Vermonters’ health and environment. As Chief of Staff, Charity Clark knows firsthand how the Attorney General’s Office can effectively work to advance environmental and social priorities that benefit Vermont’s most affected communitiesCheck out our full press release here. 

Catch up on all of VCV’s Endorsements So Far This Election Season!

VCV has released our initial set of endorsements for candidates for the Vermont Legislature and statewide offices. We’ll be continuing to roll out more endorsements in the coming weeks. Also, if you’re interested in seeing how lawmakers have voted on priority bills to act on climate change, ensure clean water, protect Vermonters’ health, and provide safe and accessible elections, check out our digital Environmental Scorecard, available here.

July 8, 2022

Farewell to VCV’s Shelden Goodwin … and Welcome Erika Faulkner!
Check out a brief conversation between me and Shelden Goodwin, VCV’s outgoing Political Outreach Director. Shelden has been an invaluable member of the VCV team for the past three years. We talk about some of the work she’s most proud of, what she sees as VCV’s most exciting opportunities coming up, and where she’s headed next. Shelden will be missed, and we wish her all the best in her next role! Next Dispatch, we’ll introduce you to VCV’s new Organizing Fellow, Erika Faulkner!
What We’ve Been up to This Election Season… 
We are pleased to announce that VCV has released an initial set of endorsements for candidates for the Vermont Legislature, which you can find here. All of the candidates VCV has endorsed so far are in contested races in the August 9th Primary Elections. We’ll be continuing to roll out more endorsements in the coming weeks. Also, if you’re interested in seeing how lawmakers have voted on priority bills to act on climate change, ensure clean water, protect Vermonters’ health, and provide safe and accessible elections, check out our digital Environmental Scorecard, available here. 

This week, VCV announced its endorsement of David Zuckerman for Lieutenant Governor. At this profoundly challenging time in our country, we need leaders who we know will fight for the issues that matter to Vermonters. As we see attacks on democracy, and federal courts stripping away rights and undermining the ability of the federal government to address pressing challenges like climate change, we need proven statewide leaders with a strong vision for Vermont. We believe David Zuckerman is the right leader, with a track record of working to address the most pressing challenges of the day in a way that will help all Vermont communities be healthier and more resilient. Check out our full press release here.

VCV and VPIRG Host Washington County State Senate Forum 

This week, VCV and Vermont Public Interest Research Group (VPIRG) co-hosted a forum on Zoom with five candidates who are competing for three seats in this summer’s Democratic primary in the newly redrawn Washington County State Senate district. (This district now includes all of Washington County, plus the towns of Stowe, Braintree, and Orange). Steven Pappas, the Publisher & Executive Editor of The Times Argus/Rutland Herald, moderated a lively and informative conversation with Senate candidates Ann Cummings, Jared Duval, Jeremy Hansen, Andrew Perchlik, and Anne Watson. The debate was a valuable opportunity for voters to hear from all of the Washington County Senate Democratic candidates on issues important to VPIRG and VCV and voters, including climate action and ensuring clean water for all.

And…We’re Hiring a Political Outreach Director!

Vermont Conservation Voters is seeking a passionate and dedicated Political Outreach Director to manage our electoral activities and coordinate issue advocacy campaigns. This role provides a unique opportunity to connect with Vermont voters about the important issues facing our state, and to help elect pro-environment champions that will advocate for better protections for our environment and healthy communities. Read more and see full job description here.