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Climate Action

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges facing Vermont. Climate change is here now, and it is affecting the quality of life and pocketbooks of Vermonters. More severe storms, deadly heat waves and growing tick populations are just some of the impacts. Vermont has a responsibility to do our part on global warming. 

A recent poll conducted by Public Policy Polling found that across the state Vermonters are worried about climate change. The poll found that 61% of Vermonters are very worried about climate change. 

While Vermont has made some progress, we are far from meeting our own statutory climate action commitments. In fact, the latest Agency of Natural Resources study shows Vermont’s climate pollution rose more than 10% in just two years. State leaders from every political party have said they support Vermont meeting the 2025 climate pollution reduction targets established in the Paris Climate Accord, and hitting Vermont’s 2050 climate pollution targets. We are currently lacking the mechanisms to require state leaders to take responsibility for acting to lower greenhouse emissions at the rate needed to reach our goals. 

We can and must make serious steps to reduce climate pollution emissions. We need to look to both local and regional solutions. Doing so will create more energy independence, enhance public health, improve the lives of low-income Vermonters, and sustain our forests, which play a critical role in helping to slow climate change by taking carbon out of the atmosphere 

Click here to read our Climate Action Plan for 2020, which we developed as part of a coalition of 30 advocacy groups.

2020 Legislative Priorities: