Vermont Conservation Voters

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The health of our environment is inextricably linked to the health of our democracy. Right now, we are seeing unprecedented attacks on our democracy — from the storming of the US Capitol, to a flurry of state legislation that aims to make it harder for certain people to vote. Further, Supreme Court decisions have opened the floodgates of political contributions from wealthy special interests and gutted key voter protections. In contrast, Vermont has become one of the most voter-friendly states in the nation with policies like universal mail-in voting, same-day voter registration, and automatic voter registration. We must continue to be a model for a healthy democracy, and can do so by giving voters a stronger voice and more choices with ranked choice voting, and by banning corporate contributions to candidates.

2023 Legislative Priorities:

  • Adopt ranked choice voting for presidential primaries and federal races beginning in 2024.
  • A ban on corporate contributions to candidates for public office.