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Zero Waste

Building on important work done in recent years to ban specific single-use products, we must continue to develop and implement strategies to reduce the amount of waste we generate, and improve how we manage waste. As underscored by the legisla- tively-created Single Use Products Working Group, our current use and disposal patterns are inefficient, expensive, and produce harm- ful pollution – including climate pollution and toxic chemicals that leach into our waters.

The Vermont Legislature mandated recycling and composting in Act 148. We must maintain our commitment to this important legislation while pursuing complementary policies to reduce our reliance on single-use plastics and harmful alternatives, continue to work to improve statewide recycling and composting rates, and modernize our successful “Bottle Bill.”

2021 Legislative Priorities:

  • Update the “Bottle Bill” to cover a wider range of beverages available on the market, and increase the deposit from a nickel to a dime.    STATUS: Bill expanding the Bottle Bill passed the House! Will be taken up by the Senate in 2022.
  • Explore new policies like recycled content standards and Extended Producer Responsibility to reduce waste, toxicity of the waste stream, and the use of virgin materials.