Vermont Conservation Voters

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In election years, VCV endorses pro-environment candidates, and works to get these candidates elected. As a non-partisan organization, VCV has a long history of endorsing Democrats, Republicans, Independents and Progressives.

In Vermont, elections for the state legislature (House and Senate) and for statewide offices (Governor, Lt. Governor, Secretary of State, Treasurer, and Attorney General) are held every two years, in the even numbered year. There are no term limits. 


Election Day is Tuesday, November 6th, 2018.  


Early voting is available anytime between September 21 and Election Day, which means you can either go in person to your town clerk or request a mail-in ballot and vote.

Click on the following link to find your 2018 Vermont Polling Locations & the hours they’re open (courtesy of the Vermont Secretary of State): 2018 Vermont Polling Locations


You can also find a full list of 2018 candidates on the ballot at the following link: 2018 Qualified Candidates on the November Ballot


All polls in Vermont open between 5 and 10 a.m. and close at 7 p.m. on Election Day.


Vermont Conservation Voters (VCV) announced its first set of endorsements this election season for candidates for the Vermont Legislature in July, 2018. Through its endorsements, VCV aims to educate voters across the state on candidates whose values and actions demonstrate a commitment to ensuring Vermonters have access to clean air, clean water, clean energy, healthy forests, reduced exposure to toxic chemicals, and sustainable communities.

While an incomplete list of all the candidates who will secure VCV’s endorsement in the coming weeks, this initial round of endorsements was selected by the VCV Board of Directors in recognition of legislative candidates who have demonstrated strong environmental leadership in the State House or in their communities. It also highlights several candidates in tight races who have excellent voting records on environmental issues.

To inform our endorsement process, VCV closely tracks legislators’ actions at the State House, including key votes on environmental bills and sponsorship of legislation that advances the Environmental Common Agenda, which VCV releases each legislative session in partnership with other advocacy organizations. VCV will soon be publishing its Environmental Scorecard for the full 2017-2018 legislative biennium. For new candidates, VCV requires responses to a candidate questionnaire that provides context on a candidate’s environmental background and positions on a range of issues facing the state.

VCV’s initial list of endorsed candidates for the Vermont State Legislature:


• Christopher Bray (Addison)
• Brian Campion (Bennington)
• Dick Sears (Bennington)
• Tim Ashe (Chittenden)
• Phil Baruth (Chittenden)
• Debbie Ingram (Chittenden)
• Ginny Lyons (Chittenden)
• Christopher Pearson (Chittenden)
• Michael Sirotkin (Chittenden)
• Pam McCarthy (Franklin)
• Mark MacDonald (Orange)
• Anthony Pollina (Washington)
• Ann Cummings (Washington)
• Andrew Perchlik (Washington)
• Becca Balint (Windham)
• Jeanette White (Windham)
• Alison Clarkson (Windsor)
• Dick McCormack (Windsor)


• Amy Sheldon (Addison-1)
• Barbara Wilson (Addison-Rutland)
• Kiah Morris (Bennington-2-2)
• Kathleen James (Bennington-4)
• Chip Troiano (Caledonia-2)
• Scott Campbell (Caledonia-3)
• Kitty Toll (Caledonia-Washington)
• Marcia Lawrence Gardener (Chittenden-1)
• Terry Macaig (Chittenden-2)
• Jim McCullough (Chittenden-2)
• Trevor Squirrell (Chittenden-3)
• George Till (Chittenden-3)
• Michael Yantachka (Chittenden-4-1)
• Bill Lippert (Chittenden-4-2)
• Kate Webb (Chittenden-5-1)
• Carol Ode (Chittenden-6-1)
• Jill Krowinski (Chittenden-6-3)
• Curt McCormack (Chittenden-6-3)
• Brian Cina (Chittenden-6-4)
• Selene Colburn (Chittenden-6-4)
• Johannah Leddy Donovan (Chittenden-6-5)
• Mary Sullivan (Chittenden-6-5)
• Barbara Rachelson (Chittenden-6-6)
• Diana Gonzalez (Chittenden-6-7)
• Martin LaLonde (Chittenden-7-1)
• Ann Pugh (Chittenden-7-2)
• Curt Taylor (Chittenden-9-1)
• Mike McCarthy (Franklin-3-1)
• Mitzi Johnson (Grand Isle-Chittenden)
• Avram Patt (Lamoille-Washington)
• David Yacovone (Lamoille-Washington)
• Sarah Copeland Hanzas (Orange-2)
• Chip Conquest (Orange-Caledonia)
• Jay Hooper (Orange-Washington-Addison)
• Mary Howard (Rutland-5-3)
• Robin Chesnut-Tangerman (Rutland-Bennington)
• Tommy Walz (Washington-3)
• Mary Hooper (Washington-4)
• Kimberly Jessup (Washington-5)
• Janet Ancel (Washington-6)
• Maxine Grad (Washington-7)
• Kari Dolan (Washington-7)
• Mollie Burke (Windham-2-2)
• Tristan Toleno (Windham-2-3)
• Mike Mrowicki (Windham-4)
• Emily Long (Windham-5)
• Alice Emmons (Windsor-3-2)
• Bob Forguites (Windsor-3-2)

VCV will be releasing additional statewide and legislative endorsements soon.

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