Democracy For All


The health of our environment is tightly linked with the health of our democracy. At the federal level, Supreme Court decisions continue to undermine democracy by gutting the Voting Rights Act, and allowing unchecked political contributions from wealthy special interests. Vermont can build on its record of cultivating a healthy democracy by working to reduce the influence of outside spending, and advancing ranked choice voting, which fosters better civic discourse during elections and helps encourage more candidates to run.


2024 Legislative Priorities

Ban corporate contributions to candidates for public office.

Adopt ranked choice voting (RCV) for presidential primaries and allow municipalities to implement RCV for local elections.

We must continue to be a model for a healthy democracy, and can do so by giving voters a stronger voice and more choices with ranked choice voting, and by banning corporate contributions to candidates.

Jamey Fidel

Justin Marsh

Political Outreach Director
Vermont Conservation Voters