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Vermont Conservation Voters Endorsement Process

In election years, Vermont Conservation Voters (VCV) endorses pro-environment candidates, and works to help elect our endorsed candidates. As a non-partisan organization, VCV has a long history of endorsing candidates from across the political spectrum who share our values.

Through its endorsements, VCV aims to educate voters across Vermont on candidates whose values and actions demonstrate a commitment to our vision and values, by advancing and defending policies that protect the environment and promote health while advancing social, racial, and economic justice; and strengthening our democracy.

To inform our endorsement process, VCV closely tracks lawmakers’ actions at the State House, including key votes on environmental bills via our Environmental Scorecard and sponsorship of legislation that advances the Environmental Common Agenda of top legislative priorities, which VCV releases each legislative session in partnership with other advocacy organizations.

For new candidates, VCV requires candidates to respond to a questionnaire that provides context on a candidate’s environmental background and positions on a range of issues facing the state. For statewide candidates, Board and staff invite candidates for an in-depth interview.

2022 VCV Endorsements

All endorsements are approved by the VCV Board of Directors in recognition of incumbent candidates with strong environmental records, as well as new candidates who submitted strong questionnaires demonstrating their support for climate action, clean water, racial justice, and other priorities.

VCV’s 2022 Endorsed Candidates:

Governor: Brenda Siegel see press release
Lieutenant Governor: David Zuckerman WON! see press release; Watch video
Attorney General: Charity Clark WON! see press release; Watch video
Secretary of State: Sarah Copeland Hanzas WON! see press release; Watch video
Treasurer: Mike Pieciak WON! see press release

Christopher Bray, ADD-1 WON!
Ruth Hardy, ADD-1 WON!
Brian Campion, BEN-1 WON!
Dick Sears, BEN-1 WON!
Jane Kitchel, CAL-1 WON!
Phil Baruth, CHI-CT-1 WON!
Martine Larocque Gulick, CHI-CT-1 WON!
Tanya Vyhovsky, CHI-CT-1 WON!
Irene Wrenner, CHI-N-1 WON!
Ginny Lyons, CHI-SE-1 WON!
Kesha Ram Hinsdale, CHI-SE-1 WON!
Pam McCarthy, FRA-1
Mark MacDonald, ORA-1 WON!
Joshua Ferguson, RUT-1
Bridgette Remington, RUT-1
Anna Tadio, RUT-1
Ann Cummings, WAS-1 WON!
Andrew Perchlik, WAS-1 WON!
Anne Watson, WAS-1 WON!
Wendy Harrison, WDH-1 WON!
Nader Hashim, WDH-1 WON!
Alison Clarkson, WDR-1 WON!
Dick McCormack, WDR-1 WON!
Becca White, WDR-1 WON!

Amy Sheldon, ADD-1 WON!
Robin Scheu, ADD-1 WON!
Peter Conlon, ADD-2 WON!
Diane Lanpher, ADD-3 WON!
Matt Birong, ADD-3 WON!
Caleb Elder, ADD-4 WON!
Mari Cordes, ADD-4 WON!
Jubilee McGill, ADD-5 WON!
Dane Whitman, BEN-2 WON!
Timothy R. Corcoran II, BEN-2 WON!
David K. Durfee, BEN-3 WON!
Kathleen James, BEN-4 WON!
Seth Bongartz, BEN-4 WON!
Jim Carroll, BEN-5 WON!
Michael Nigro, BEN-5
Mike Rice, BEN-RUT WON!
Chip Troiano, CAL-2 WON!
Eileen Boland, CAL-3
Scott Campbell, CAL-ESX WON!
Jana Brown, CHI-1 WON!
Erin Brady, CHI-2 WON!
Trevor Squirrell, CHI-3 WON!
Phil Pouech, CHI-4 WON!
Jessica Brumsted, CHI-7 WON!
Emilie Krasnow, CHI-9 WON!
Martin LaLonde, CHI-12 WON!
Gabrielle Stebbins, CHI-13 WON!
Tiff Bluemle, CHI-13 WON!
Barbara Rachelson, CHI-14 WON!
Brian Cina, CHI-15 WON!
Troy Headrick, CHI-15 WON!
Jill Krowinski, CHI-16 WON!
Emma Mulvaney-Stanak, CHI-17 WON!
Carol Ode, CHI-18 WON!
Sarita Austin, CHI-19 WON!
Curt Taylor, CHI-20 WON!
Seth Chase, CHI-20 WON!
Daisy Berbeco, CHI-21 WON!
Taylor Small, CHI-21 WON!
Karen Dolan, CHI-22 WON!
Lori Houghton, CHI-22 WON!
Leonora Dodge, CHI-23 WON!
Rey Garofano, CHI-23 WON!
Alyssa Black, CHI-24 WON!
Josie Leavitt, GI-CHI WON!
Peggy Stevens, ESX-ORL
Devon Thomas, FRA-1
Mike McCarthy, FRA-3 WON!
Cindy Weed, FRA-7
Lauren Dees-Erickson, FRA-8
Scott Weathers, LAM-1
Daniel Noyes, LAM-2 WON!
Kate Donnally, LAM-2 WON!
Lucy Boyden, LAM-3 WON!
Avram Patt, LAM-WAS WON!
Saudia LaMont, LAM-WAS WON!
Carl Demrow, ORA-1 WON!
Monique Priestley, ORA-2 WON!
Jay Hooper, ORA-WAS-ADD WON!
Larry Satcowitz, ORA-WAS-ADD WON!
Aimee Alexander, ORL-1
Katherine Sims, ORL-4 WON!
Dave Potter, RUT-2
Ken Fredette, RUT-2
Mary Droege, RUT-3
Mary E. Howard, RUT-6 WON!
William Notte, RUT-7 WON!
Stephanie Jerome, RUT-9 WON!
Robin Chesnut-Tangerman, RUT-BEN WON!
Logan Nicoll, RUT-WDR WON!
Laura Hill-Eubanks, WAS-1
Kari Dolan, WAS-2 WON!
Dara Torre, WAS-2 WON!
Jonathan Williams, WAS-3 WON!
Peter D. Anthony, WAS-3 WON!
Conor Casey, WAS-4 WON!
Ela Chapin, WAS-5 WON!
Marc B. Mihaly, WAS-6 WON!
Theresa Wood, WAS-CHI WON!
Thomas Stevens, WAS-CHI WON!
Melissa Battah, WAS-ORA
Sara Coffey, WDH-1 WON!
Laura Sibilia, WDH-2 WON!
Leslie Goldman, WDH-3 WON!
Michelle Bos-Lun, WDH-3 WON!
Mike Mrowicki, WDH-4 WON!
Emily Long, WDH-5 WON!
Emilie Kornheiser, WDH-7 WON!
Mollie S. Burke, WDH-8 WON!
Tristan Toleno, WDH-9 WON!
Elizabeth Burrows, WDR-1 WON!
John Bartholomew, WDR-1 WON!
John Arrison, WDR-2 WON!
Alice M. Emmons, WDR-3 WON!
Kristi C. Morris, WDR-3 WON!
Heather Surprenant, WDR-4 WON!
Tesha Buss, WDR-5 WON!
Kevin “Coach” Christie, WDR-6 WON!
Kirk White, WDR-ADD WON!
John O’Brien, WDR-ORA-1 WON!
Jim Masland, WDR-ORA-2 WON!
Rebecca Holcombe, WDR-ORA-2 WON!

Remember, to learn more about candidates in your local races, check out the Environmental Scorecard to see how incumbent legislators voted on key issues.

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