Act Now for Vermont’s Clean Energy Future: Let’s Enact H.289 Into Law!

The Vermont Legislature has passed a bill (H.289) to modernize Vermont’s Renewable Energy Standard (RES) to meet the urgency of the climate crisis and position our communities for a more resilient, affordable clean energy future.

This bill would set Vermont on a path to delivering 100% renewable electricity across all the state’s utilities by 2035. This would make Vermont only the second state to meet that critical benchmark, and would significantly increase the requirements for Vermont utilities to support the deployment of new renewable energy – in state and in the region.

Unfortunately, Governor Scott vetoed H.289, which was supported by electric utilities, leading environmental organizations, and business groups. The governor is again jeopardizing our state’s progress in clean energy and climate action as well as threatening to curtail a needed clean energy jobs sector. To override the governor’s veto, the Legislature must vote with a 2/3rds majority at the veto session on June 17th.

If enacted into law, H.289 would be the first major update to the Renewable Energy Standard in almost a decade. It represents the largest single move towards renewable electricity and away from fossil fueled power that Vermont has ever taken, by a wide margin. In terms of cutting carbon pollution, this bill will be the equivalent of taking approximately 200,000 cars off the road, for good.

We cannot afford to continue to delay needed climate progress for our state. This bill would help Vermont cut climate pollution, create good-paying, local clean energy jobs, and help build a more resilient climate future for Vermont.

You can help enact H.289 into law by contacting your legislators and asking them to vote yes on June 17th to override the governor’s veto and support Vermont’s clean energy future.

Find your lawmakers’ contact information here!

Thank you for contacting your lawmakers and asking them to vote YES to override the governor’s veto of H.289 on June 17th!