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We are in a time of profound challenges and historic opportunities. Our communities are being stressed by the ongoing pandemic, which is exacerbating problems and inequities in many systems we rely on, including public health, education, and childcare. These strains are further contributing to the housing crisis, food insecurity, workforce shortages, racial injustice, and more. At the same time, due to an influx of federal funding, Vermont has unprecedented resources that we can invest in rebuilding healthier, more equitable, and more resilient communities in all corners of our state.

Vermont Conservation Voters is working to address many systemic issues we face to put us on a path to a more sustainable, healthy, and prosperous future — including moving forward the Climate Action Plan by helping people transition to clean energy, fostering environmental justice, creating more smart growth housing, better protecting our forests and waters, holding toxic polluters accountable, and promoting a healthy democracy.

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