Today, we wanted to share with you a somewhat atypical report that Vermont Conservation Voters partnered on called A 2020 Vision for Vermont (the “Vision”). Check it out here!

The Vision represents the work of a range of organizations – many of whom we don’t work with on a regular basis – who came together with the belief that, together, we can create a better Vermont for everyone who lives here. That means fighting for a clean and healthy environment, social and racial justice, programs that support our children, and more. 

The groups who pulled together this document already work with thousands of Vermonters to advance these policies. It’s our hope that by sharing this document with our collective organizational memberships, we will elevate and amplify one another’s voices, demonstrate the connections between these issues, and provide Vermonters with the information they need to advocate for changes that will protect the health and well-being of our people and environment.

Check out the 2020 Vision for Vermont here.

There are a few things to keep in mind. First, just because a proposal is included here does not mean that every group (VCV included) has endorsed it, nor that every group will be actively working on it. 

The report likewise does not represent a comprehensive list of every issue facing our state, nor all the solutions to these issues. The groups involved are working on a wide range of priorities, some of which may not be included here. 

The document does, however, represent a starting point for Vermonters to understand some of the most pressing challenges we face and ideas on how we can come together to solve these problems. Know that there is a diverse array of groups effectively advocating for policies that you should consider supporting!

Please take a look at the Vision and share it with others. We hope you’ll press your elected officials to advance this vision to achieve a better Vermont for all.