Photo: Howard Block in Bellows Falls, VT
Guests: Kathy Beyer, Cora Smith, Rep. Jonathan Williams

On this week’s episode of the Democracy Dispatch Podcast, I’m joined by our 2024 legislative intern, Cora Smith. We talked about her role and the interests that emerged while spending many hours reporting on committee discussions this year. Later, Cora takes the wheel as host for an interview with Kathy Beyer, Senior Vice President for Real Estate Development at Evernorth, an organization with offices across northern New England that has developed and financed environmentally, socially, and economically responsible housing for low and moderate-income people. Cora and Kathy discuss Act 250’s role in allowing affordable housing and also unpack just how affordable housing is created and defined. 

Lauren Hierl and I recap action of the past week, including a strong tripartisan vote (26-3) in the Senate on S.259, Make Big Oil Pay, and the movement of a comprehensive PFAS bill, S.25, out of the House Committee on Human Services on a unanimous 11-0 vote

Lastly, we hear from Representative Jonathan Williams (D-Barre City) who discusses the response, recovery, and resilience measures needed for communities impacted by flooding. The conversation highlights bill S.213, the Flood Safety Act, as an important step toward flood safety and management.

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