Photo credit: Pelletier Dam (Castleton, VT) by Gabe Bolin
Guests: Karina Dailey, Rep. Amy Sheldon

Dams exist in almost every Vermont community. Some of us may pass them on our daily commute, some of us may live near them, use the reservoirs created by them, receive our electricity from them, or even have them on our properties. It’s not clear exactly how many dams are in Vermont, but according to recent reporting from VT Digger, experts believe the number is over 1,000, with an average age of 80 years, and some still in existence since the 18th Century.

On this week’s Democracy Dispatch Podcast, I speak with Vermont Natural Resources Council’s restoration ecologist, Karina Dailey, all about dams – why they exist, the purposes they serve, and how removing derelict dams can unlock more resilience to weather events and increased biodiversity.  

Also on the podcast, Lauren Hierl catches up with Representative Amy Sheldon (D-Middlebury), Chair of the House Committee on Environment & Energy, to hear what her committee is prioritizing this year and has already been busy with.

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