Photo: landfill in Coventry, VT (photo by CSWD)
Guests: Gretchen Salter, Anthony Iarrapino

Between Big Oil and toxic chemicals, it’s time we clean up our act!

Just as the Vermont House passes S.25, a bill that would ban PFAS and other harmful “forever” chemicals from a slew of items including cosmetics, cookware, apparel, artificial turf, children’s products, and personal care products, it felt like a great time to hear from a national partner to see how Vermont stacks up when it comes to toxics reform. Gretchen Salter, strategic advisor for Safer States, walks us through the national landscape of toxics reform and education. Safer States is an alliance of diverse environmental health organizations and coalitions from across the nation (including VCV) that’s committed to safeguarding people and the planet from toxic chemicals. 

We also hear from Anthony Iarrapino, an attorney at Wilschek Iarrapino Law in Montpelier, who walks us through S.259 and just how you make Big Oil pay should Vermont enact the Climate Superfund Act.

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