Welcome back to the Climate Dispatch. We’ve had a busy week at the State House and we’re excited to share the highlights with you.

On Wednesday, 19 environmental organizations came together to share the 2024 Environmental Common Agenda. Clean energy, climate resilience, river corridor and wetland protection, land use reform, holding fossil fuel companies accountable to pay for needed climate mitigation – this Common Agenda has all the top legislative priorities for 2024. Check out video from the 2024 Environmental Common Agenda introduction event here.

Also this week, the House and Senate Environmental Committees spent a lot of time on testimony on how far we have come on our climate obligations and began to discuss climate resilience. The Senate Natural Resources and Energy committee held a morning long Climate Review Panel that dug deeper into the data, progress and plans. You can see video of that panel here.

Today’s Episode

The House Environment & Energy committee turned their attention to all things Renewable Energy Standard on Thursday. In 2015, Vermont led the way by creating an innovative Renewable Energy Standard (RES). Nine years later, we are falling behind many other states and it’s time to modernize the Vermont Renewable Energy Standard and ensure that Vermont moves to 100% clean power as soon as possible. Read all of VNRC’s priorities for an updated Renewable Energy Standard here.

Call to Action

Modernizing the Vermont Renewable Energy Standard can and should be done this year, but we need to make sure that all members of the House know that it’s a priority. – please take a moment to contact your Representatives to urge them to support Modernizing the Vermont Renewable Energy Standard so that Vermont can have 100% clean energy and more in state and regional renewables.

Or, if you want to learn more, check out this recording of a Renewable Energy Standard webinar we hosted with partners in December.

Please call or email your Representatives and let them know you support modernizing Vermont’s Renewable Energy Standard!

We look forward to working with you to make much-needed climate progress this coming session.