Today’s episode

Today we are joined by Rebecca Ramos from the Necrason Group, who has been following the ins and outs of the budget process all year. As the Legislature wraps the FY 2022 budget, which includes an unprecedented $250 million investment in climate solutions over the next three years, it’s time to celebrate and highlight this historic commitment to climate action!

The investments include $50 million in direct appropriations for weatherization programs, low-income renewable energy initiatives and other strategies to support people and communities access clean energy and efficiency opportunities. The Legislature also committed $200 million in funding to implement the Climate Action Plan being developed right now by the state’s Climate Council.

This unprecedented level of funding will be essential in jumpstarting the transformation to a clean, more equitable energy economy, as we continue to work to identify and implement long-term funding solutions.

The transportation bill (T-Bill) also passed this week. The final version includes increased funding for clean vehicle incentives, EV charging stations, fare-free public transit, and more. 

Call to action

Please take a moment to send a note of thanks to your Representative(s) and Senator(s) for making this significant investment in climate action in the state budget! Thank you for all you do.