This week we had important victories in both the House and Senate as the Flood Safety Bill (S.213) passed the Senate on a tripartisan 24-4 vote, and the Renewable Energy Standard bill (H.289) passed the House on a 99-39-11 vote! Both bills will now head to committees of jurisdiction in the other chamber with strong momentum.

This week on the Climate Dispatch, we are joined by Representative Kathleen James (D-Manchester), the Assistant Majority Leader of the Vermont House of Representatives, to talk to us about the passage of the Renewable Energy Standard bill and why the House Speaker and the Democratic Caucus is prioritizing climate action.

Today’s Episode

Call to Action

Please call your Representative to thank them if they voted YES on the Renewable Energy Standard! Modernizing our Renewable Energy Standard is crucial to meeting our climate obligations, cutting energy costs and to realize Vermont’s clean energy future. Here is the vote tally and you can find your Representatives’ contact information here. Please also take a minute to extend your thanks to House Speaker Jill Krowinski, whose leadership helped make this progress possible.