Momentum continues to build around the Vermont Climate Superfund Act (S.259). The Senate Judiciary committee heard from the Agency of Natural Resources, Vermont Attorney General Charity Clark, and State Treasurer Mike Pieciak this week and all had favorable things to say about the bill.

On other fronts, the Renewable Energy Standard modernization (H.289) is awaiting action in the House Appropriations Committee, and we hope for a full vote of the House soon. Similarly, the Flood Safety Act (S.213) is awaiting action in the Senate Appropriations committee, and we hope for a vote of the full Senate on that bill soon.

Today’s Episode

In today’s Climate Dispatch, we speak to Senator Nader Hashim, a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee and co-sponsor of the bill, about the importance of the legislation and its path forward in the Senate.

Call to Action

Please take a moment to contact your Senator(s) to urge them to support passing the Climate Change Superfund bill, S.259, to hold polluters accountable to help pay for the investments we need to make in climate-resilient communities.