Welcome back to the Climate Dispatch!

This week we saw important movement on the bill to modernize Vermont’s Renewable Energy Standard, H.289, as it was voted out of the House Environment & Energy Committee on a 9-1-1 vote! We anticipate the bill will make a couple of brief stops in the Ways & Means and Appropriations committees, and then could be on the floor for a full House vote as soon as next week.

On today’s Climate Dispatch, we talk with one of the architects of the Renewable Energy Standard modernization bill, Representative Laura Sibilia. She dives into what the bill will accomplish, and why it’s crucial we pass it this year.

Today’s Episode

The Renewable Energy Standard bill makes a lot of important updates and modernizations to this program. Check out this section by section review presented to the House Environment & Energy Committee by Ben Edgerly Walsh of VPIRG.

Also this week, the Senate Judiciary committee started testimony on the Climate Superfund bill, S.259, which aims to hold the largest fossil fuel companies accountable for the harms caused by their products. The Senate Natural Resources & Energy committee also continued working on the climate resilience bill, S.213, and we anticipate a vote out of committee next week.

Call to Action

The Renewable Energy Standard bill, H.289, is headed to the House floor soon for a vote. Please take a moment to contact your Representative(s) to urge them to support modernizing the Vermont Renewable Energy Standard so that Vermont can have 100% clean energy, and more in-state and regional renewables!

Please contact your Representative(s) and tell them to Vote YES on the Renewable Energy Standard bill!