Photo: The Climate Solutions Caucus and advocates, spring 2023
Guests: Sen. Rebecca White, Rep. Gabrielle Stebbins, Rep. Robin Chesnut-Tangerman

On this week’s episode of the Democracy Dispatch Podcast, I have a conversation with Senator Rebecca White (D-Windsor) and Representative Gabrielle Stebbins (D-Burlington), co-chairs of the Climate Solutions Caucus. They share their environmental priorities for the session, how their caucus operates and moves policies forward, their personal thoughts on the biennium structure of the Vermont legislature, and where to go from here now that the Senate failed to override Governor Scott’s veto of the modernized Bottle Bill.

Also on the podcast, Lauren Hierl catches up with Representative Robin Chesnut-Tangerman (D-Middletown Springs) to hear more about a bill he is sponsoring that would ban the usage of neonicotinoid pesticides and why that is an important step in protecting pollinators and the environment.

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