Photo: Sen. Lyons, photo by Glenn Russell/VTDigger
Guests: Sen. Ginny Lyons, Rep. Esme Cole, Rep. Dara Torre

On this week’s episode of the Democracy Dispatch Podcast, I chat with Senator Ginny Lyons (D-Chittenden Southeast) and Representative Esme Cole (D-Hartford), two trailblazing legislators on opposing ends of the age spectrum who bridge wisdom and progress, to hear about their perspectives, their path to politics, experiences with ageism and misogyny, and their priorities for the rest of this session.

Also on the podcast, I welcome back Representative Dara Torre (D-Moretown) to the podcast to hear more about a bill in the House Committee on Environment and Energy that would reform the Renewable Energy Standard, accelerating the pace at which Vermont reaches an all-renewable energy grid.  

I’ve included photos that are mentioned in my interview with Sen. Lyons and Rep. Cole. Pictured here is Sen. Lyons’ lion mascot that she uses while campaigning and Rep. Cole’s most recent Halloween costume as an oil spill. She is photographed with former Hartford representative, Lynn Bohi.

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