S1, E7 (Feb. 20, 2023): Is Serving in the State House Sustainable?

Guests: Rep. Saudia LaMont, Sen. Rebecca White

Rep. Saudia LaMont (D-Morristown) speaks about her experience as a freshman legislator and how the reality of serving differed from her perception while campaigning. She discusses the weight she carries representing several different identities in a mostly homogenous state, including being the third Black woman to serve Vermont, and what keeps her doing this work for her community. Later, she shares her advice for folks contemplating running for office. Spoiler alert: she thinks you should run! Sen. Rebecca White (D-Windsor) talks with us about two separate bills in two separate committees she serves on – the Affordable Heat Act and ranked choice voting. She outlines the importance of both policies for Vermonters, shares insights on some of the testimony her committees have heard, and the next steps for the bills. Plus: updates on the expanded bottle bill, the housing equity bill, and the 30×30 land conservation bill. Read the full transcript here.