At times, this election season has seemed like it would never end – but we’re almost there, and now is the most important part!

Tomorrow is Election Day, and voter turnout is expected to be high, so make sure you have your plan in place to vote.

Depending on where you live, polls across Vermont open between 5-10am, and all polls close at 7pm. Do you know what time of day you’re voting, and how you’ll get to the polls? 

Click here to find your community’s polling location and hours.

With a neck-and-neck Governor’s race, and open seats up and down the ballot, every single vote matters!

As a reminder, Vermont Conservation Voters endorsed the following statewide candidates:

Sue Minter for Governor
David Zuckerman for Lt. Governor
Jim Condos for Secretary of State
TJ Donovan for Attorney General
Doug Hoffer for Auditor

Not sure who’s on your local ballot? Check out our Vermont Conservation Voters list of endorsed pro-environment candidatesfor Vermont Senate and House districts across the state.

Many of these races are very close, and will truly determine the direction the state takes on environmental issues in the coming years. To ensure Vermont elects leaders who will fight for clean water, action on climate change, healthy forests, and more – make your voice heard by getting out to vote!

Thanks for all you do, together we can win,

P.S. Busy tomorrow? Remember you can also vote at your Town Clerk’s office today!