S1, E11 (Mar. 27, 2023): Protecting and Expanding Democracy

Guests: Secretary of State Sarah Copeland Hanzas, Rep. Gabrielle Stebbins

Secretary of State Sarah Copeland Hanzas speaks with Justin a few months into her transition to the role after an incredible 18-year legislative career representing Bradford in the Vermont House. During her tenure she was the lead sponsor of the Global Warming Solutions Act and most recently co-chair of the Climate Solutions Caucus. Copeland Hanzas reflects on her past climate work and why action is so crucial. She shares more about the role of Secretary of State, what the office has done in recent years to expand and protect democracy, and the goals she has for her tenure, including the advancement of ranked choice voting in Vermont.

For our Deep Dive segment, Lauren catches up with Representative Gabrielle Stebbins (D-Burlington) to get the latest on work in her committee, House Environment and Energy, including updates on the updated Bottle Bill and testimony on Affordable Heat Act.

Last week the House passed H.126, known as the 30×30 land and water conservation bill. Many more votes are expected in the Senate and House this week, which Lauren and Justin recap in our Session Shakedown segment of the podcast. Read the full transcript here.