As 2017 comes to a close, I wanted to share with you a few reflections and resolutions for the new year.

This past year has been hard. We’ve seen unprecedented rollbacks of protections for our water, air, and public lands, and proposals to decimate funding for critical programs. On top of the active dismantling of our nation’s environmental legacy, there has been a dispiriting lack of leadership on a wide range of challenges facing our communities, and active threats to civil rights, reproductive rights, and more.

At VCV, we’re committed to making headway on issues that Vermonters care about deeply. We know that a healthy economy and healthy families depend on a healthy environment.

Here are my 2018 resolutions:

Leadership & Accountability. Vermont Conservation Voters works to elect environmentally-minded candidates to public office, and then holds elected officials accountable for the decisions they make affecting our air, water, land, wildlife, and communities. In 2018, we’ll continue to cultivate strong leadership in Vermont, helping to set our state on a forward-looking path. Stay tuned for our updated Environmental Scorecard that will highlight Vermont state legislators’ voting records.

Advocate for All. All Vermonters depend on a healthy environment to ensure that their families, communities, and local economies thrive. We’re committed to ensuring that all Vermonters have access to safe drinking water and healthy lakes, rivers, and ponds, thriving forests to recreate and work in, toys and other home products that are free of toxic chemicals, and the opportunity to participate in Vermont’s growing climate economy.

In addition to supporting VCV in 2018, I hope you’ll join me in resolving to cultivate hope, encourage bold leadership on environmental initiatives, and advocate for a more just and sustainable Vermont.

In gratitude,
Lauren Hierl
VCV Political Director