S1, E5 (Feb. 6, 2023): Roaring Twenties: Three Young Lawmakers’ Reflections

Guests: Rep. Larry Satcowitz, Sen. Becca White, Rep. Jay Hooper, Rep. Lucy Boyden

The Vermont Legislature boasts six members who are in their 20s. That number nearly doubles when looking at those serving in their 30s. But despite these figures, the reality is that Vermont’s legislative body is still quite a bit older than the average age of Vermonters. Sen. Becca White (D-Windsor)Rep. Jay Hooper (D-Randolph), and Rep. Lucy Boyden (D-Cambridge) discuss their experiences as legislators in the 20s. The three reflect on ageism both on the campaign trail and in the state house, the difficulties of serving as a young person, as well as why their voices matter. Rep. Larry Satcowitz (D-Randolph) walks through the 30×30 land conservation bill. Lauren and Justin give updates on the Affordable Heat Act, Smart Growth Housing, and the Transportation Affordability Act. Read the full transcript here.