Montpelier, VT — Today, Vermont Conservation Voters (VCV) announced its endorsement of Beth Pearce for Vermont State Treasurer. 

“Treasurer Beth Pearce has been a strong advocate for Vermont’s environment, particularly clean water funding and climate action. She has brought a unique and compelling voice to environmental initiatives, making a strong case that delaying investments in a clean, healthy environment will hurt Vermont’s economy and cost us more over the long term,” said Lauren Hierl, executive director of VCV.

Treasurer Beth Pearce added, “The climate crisis has already impacted every facet of life in Vermont and across the globe. Protecting and investing in our waterways and our environment is not just the right thing to do – it is essential to the health and wellbeing of all people living in Vermont and the Vermont economy.” 

During her time serving as Treasurer, Pearce conducted a landmark study of long-term clean water funding needs and potential solutions. This study, combined with Pearce’s strong advocacy for sustainable clean water funding, helped push the state to significantly increase its long-term commitment to clean water funding. Treasurer Pearce has also supported climate initiatives, such as the Global Warming Solutions Act to hold state government accountable to our climate pollution reduction targets. She has noted failure to act on climate change puts our economy and state finances at risk. Pearce has also sought out and implemented creative investment opportunities to help more Vermonters access renewable energy and weatherize their homes.

Hierl added, “Treasurer Pearce understands that our response to the pandemic must include protecting our natural assets – such as ensuring access to clean water and green, affordable energy solutions. With a federal administration actively undermining our environmental laws, we need state leaders like Treasurer Pearce who understand that a healthy environment is essential to a healthy economy. Vermont Conservation Voters encourages Vermonters to re-elect Beth Pearce as State Treasurer.”