In his State of the State speech last week, Governor Phil Scott said that “Vermonters expect us to follow through on our promises.” And we do. Whether it’s providing long-term, stable funding for clean water, taking substantial action on climate, protecting Vermont families from toxic chemicals, or keeping the lungs of our state – our forests – healthy and intact.
At the State House, VCV advocates for forward-looking environmental policies but we also hold elected officials accountable to the decisions they make regarding our air, water, forests, and communities. And we expect them to follow through on their promises to prioritize the health and wellbeing of Vermont’s environment and our families.
But they need to hear from you. Make your voice heard today by:


Together, we can make this new year and new legislative session a year to celebrate our advances to protect Vermont’s environment. As Gov. Scott noted, Vermonters have a long history of stepping up and leading the charge for important initiatives – and with the EPA abdicating their responsibility to safeguard the American public at the federal level, now is the time for Vermont to lead by implementing long-term water funding and strong implementation of the Vermont Clean Water Act, following through on ideas raised by the Vermont Climate Action Commission, and investing in the health of our communities.