S1, E6 (Feb. 13, 2023): Vermont’s Love/Hate Relationship with Act 250

Guests: Rep. Amy Sheldon, Rep. Kristi Morris

Act 250 is Vermont’s land use and development law, enacted in 1970 at a time when Vermont was undergoing significant development pressure. The law provides a public, quasi-judicial process for reviewing and managing the environmental, social, and fiscal consequences of major subdivisions and developments in Vermont. It assures that larger developments complement Vermont’s unique landscape, economy, and community needs. Rep. Amy Sheldon (D-Middlebury) has been active in several House committees where Act 250 is in the spotlight. In 2017, she was appointed as chair of the Commission on Act 250. In this episode, Sheldon breaks down the complicated relationship Vermonters have – both appreciation and concerns about Act 250, what changes need to be made, and what the future of the law looks like. Rep. Kristi Morris (D-Springfield) outlines the proposed expansion of Vermont’s Bottle Bill. Plus: updates on Affordable Heat Act, Transportation Affordability Act, and more. Read the full transcript here.